"Caving" has become a special theme of the film. The film about "caving" currently released in theaters draws my attention. "The Descent"(2006) and "Sanctum"(2011) can be the representative for the film of caving. Caving is meaning "cave adventure", has to overcome the uneasiness and fear of dark, but also the use of rope lift, rock climbing, swimming, diving and other expertise in order to explore the unknown cave system. Although claustrophobia and disorientation are the mystery of caving, infinite imagination of the mysterious cave world will satisfy our exploration and curiosity.



Met North-peak Bliss Cave "Attic" pictures


  Although I yearn for caving, I did not expect to explore in my hometown! Chai Shan, also commonly known as Monkey Mountain, is the precious treasure of nature in Kaohsiung City in Taiwan. When I heard that there are caves in Monkey Mountain, I am restless and about to start caving.



Traveling Map


  Monkey Mountain, there is not only a lot of monkeys, but also a lot of caves. Location of "North-peak Bliss Cave " is clear, and easy to get to. If you never had a caving experience, recommend you go North-peak Bliss Cave and experience it. From "Long-quan Temple mountaineering" along the hiking trail to "Central pavilion", continue to come up to the intersection, into the right side of the trail, and then go for a walk, you can reach the entrance of North-peak Bliss Cave.



The intersection


Into the right side of the trail


Go for a walk


The entrance of North-peak Bliss Cave


  The entrance of North-peak Bliss Cave is wide, and setting up a rope for climbing. The exit also has rope ladder. Thus we can see North-peak Bliss Cave is not difficult to explore. It has become a popular tourist attractions in Monkey Mountain. Do not need professional caving preparation, as long as carrying gloves, headlights and other simple equipment, and with a curious heart, we can explore North-peak Bliss Cave.



The entrance


Entering the cave


Entering the cave


  From the bottom of the hole level is more than 10 meters, so it is safe to climb down with rope. After entering the cave, it is a simple caving trip and we can enjoy the special landscape in the cave.



See the entrance


North-peak Bliss Cave "Lobby"


Dome structure of Lobby


In depth


  Geological composition of Monkey Mountain from the coral reef limestone, is the evidence that the seabed rose to land. After weathering, rain erosion and other geological effects, everywhere can be seen rugged sharp reef landscape in the mountain. Under the surface is due to ong-term dissolution of limestone layer with calcium carbonate bit by bit precipitation, so the formation of many limestone caves.



Dome structure of Lobby


View of Dome


Such as flaky fins


  It is not a long caving route, and can be finished within 10 minutes. The fantasy cave scene gods, the rocks like melting and solidified chocolate milk. It is truly eye-opener.



Deep into the cave


Triangle Pass


Into "Corridor"




Continuing to climb up


Into "Drill-up Pass"


  "Drill-up Pass" is a hole that must be drilled from bottom to top. After drilling we can come to the final part "Attic", here is a wide enclosed space. lighting around the sweep, we can enjoy gorgeous texture on the wall of the limestone cave structure. From rock gap we can see the light at the exit.



Structure of "Drill-up Pass"


The light at the exit


Ready to climb "Drill-up Pass"


  After the pass, we came to the gorgeous "Attic". There is a rope ladder for visitors climbed to the exit, it is convenient and safe.



The way to the exit


"Attic" pictures


The view of "Attic"


A corner of "Attic"


Gorgeous texture on the wall


Gorgeous texture on the wall


Gorgeous texture on the wall


  Although the photos look very bright, in fact, it is to shoot the flash mode. The real cave is dark. we only can identify the directions by headlight and rely on the headlights to identify the direction. Filled with dark and claustrophobic space in the underground cave, we never know what the next will be seen and found. To explore the ultimate extreme touched, I think this is the strange charm of caving.



Climbing to the exit


Overlooking from exit


The exit of North-peak Bliss Cave


  The exit of North-peak Bliss Cave is very narrow, can only accommodate a person through. After passing we return to the bright world. My hometown is also a secret place, a trip to the secret. In addition to North-peak Bliss Cave, Monkey Mountain there is many caves waiting for us to explore!


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